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parking pERMITs

parking permit information:​​

There are several types of parking permits within Green Mountain Falls. To learn about which permit is best for you, click the links for Residential and Employee. You will need to fill out an online application form and submit the appropriate documentation in order to receive your parking permit for Residential or Employee permits.

Once your application has been successfully submitted, please email with verification. If you have multiple vehicles to register, please submit one application per vehicle. Thank you!

*You will not receive a physical permit. Your license plate will be registered in our database and if you qualify, you'll be good to go! Simple. 

* Must provide proof of residency or employment.

Green mountain falls parking PERMIT application form:​​

1. Select the link for the type of parking permit in which you are applying. Enter information for yourself and your vehicle.​

2. You must fill out a separate form for each individual per permit type.​

3. Please email with verification.

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